This is one of my proudest pieces of work that I did on Adobe Illustrator. It is a candy themed island that I did with a group of 4. It took a lot of teamwork but I think me and my group pulled it all together.

This was a silhouette project where I chose a theme and made silhouettes out of it. During this project, I made sure to pay attention to detail and intricacy. I also paid close attention to the colour and shape of each pokemon, since it would help in differentiate each one.

This project consisted of creating a detailed portrait with Adobe Illustrator. I learnt a lot doing this project in terms of artistry, shading, and several other assets. I actually came out of my shell with this specific piece of artwork and tried many different things!

These are some cool animals I made using a tutorial! Here is the tutorial I followed/referenced for my animals.

This is one of my first projects on Adobe illustrator where we learned how to use the gradient tool and curvature tool to create a sunset/saharan art piece.

This is one of the first projects I created on Adobe Illustrator. It is Will Smith.